7 Reasons To Shop With Full Circle Brew Co This Christmas!

Shopping for craft beer gifts this Christmas just got a whole lot more exciting with Full Circle Brew Co!

Whether you're seeking the perfect last-minute present, aiming to support a community-oriented brewery, or hunting for that elusive Golden Dooper, we've got you covered. Cheers to a holiday season filled with great brews, thoughtful gifts and spreading joy through every sip!

1. Free Gift Messaging for Personalised Surprises

You know that feeling when you receive a Christmas gift that's not just a present but a heartfelt message wrapped in thoughtfulness? At Full Circle Brew Co, we're all about creating those moments of genuine joy!


Our free gift messaging service lets you add that personal touch to every purchase. Want to share a laugh, convey warmth, or simply say "Cheers!"? We've got you covered.


It's the little things that make the biggest impact, and at Full Circle Brew Co, we believe in making every sip of beer an experience worth remembering. So, go ahead, add that personal touch, and let your gifts tell a story this Christmas!

Full Circle Brew Co free personalised gift messages Christmas gifts

2. Last-Minute Shopping? No Problem!

Hey, we get it—life can get pretty busy, especially during the Christmas holidays. But fret not, because at Full Circle Brew Co we have your back! Picture this: it's December 19th, and you suddenly realise you've still got some Christmas shopping to do. Panic mode? Not with us!


We're extending our shipping orders right up until December 20th. That's two extra days to snag those perfect craft beer gifts. And guess what? We're not talking basic shipping here; we're talking about ensuring your gifts reach their destination right on time, even if you're the ultimate procrastinator.


Combine this extended order window with our free Christmas gift messaging option, and you're all set to surprise your friends and family. Imagine their faces lighting up as they receive a thoughtfully selected craft beer package, complete with a personalised message, just in time for Christmas day.


So, take a deep breath, relax, and let Full Circle Brew Co turn your last-minute shopping stress into a Christmas win!

Full Circle Brew Co craft beer gifts brewery gifts wow box 3 beer mixed pack christmas gifting

3. Free Shipping Deals

We all love a good deal, especially during the festive season, and at Full Circle Brew Co we know how to make your Christmas shopping experience even sweeter!


Spend over £50 nationally or £30 within our local area (check our website for eligible areas), and guess what? Your shipping is on us! That's right—no extra charges, no hidden fees. Whether you're splurging on gifts for friends across the country or treating yourself to our fantastic brews within our local community, we've got your back.


Imagine the joy of receiving a box filled with carefully curated craft beer selections—all delivered right to your doorstep without worrying about those pesky shipping costs. It's our way of spreading Christmas cheer and making your shopping experience hassle-free.


So, go ahead, explore our range of delightful craft beer gifts, mix and match your favourites, and enjoy the added bonus of free shipping when you hit those minimum spend thresholds. 'Tis the season to be jolly—and enjoy a little something extra from Full Circle Brew Co!

Full Circle Brew Co free shipping orders over £30 and £50 christmas craft beer gifts

4. Discover the Golden Dooper and Win Big!

Unleash your inner treasure hunter! We still have more than 10  Golden Dooper cans hidden in various packs, including Advent Calendars, WOW boxes and special mixed packs. Finding one scores you a fantastic gift box loaded with brews and exclusive FCBC merch. Plus, the ultimate prize: an invite to the exclusive Golden Dooper event in January, where a £500 bar tab for our Taproom could be yours!

Ful Circle Brew Co Golden Dooper can prize giveaway winner win £500 bar tab craft beer brewery

5. Support Independent Craft Brewing & Community Engagement

'Tis the season for giving back! By choosing Full Circle Brew Co, you're supporting an independent craft brewery dedicated to their community. Unlike big corporate giants solely chasing profits, at FCBC we prioritise local connections and community engagement initiatives. Your craft beer purchase contributes to a brewery that values more than just the bottom line.

Full Circle Brew Co craft beer brewery Newcastle upon Tyne

6. Multi-Award Winning Beers

Toast to excellence! Full Circle Brew Co isn't just any brewery; we're a multi-award winner. Our accolades include prestigious titles like SIBA's Community Engagement Award for two consecutive years (2022 & 2023), and let's not forget Looper's Gold win in the blind-judged keg IPA category in 2022. In years gone by we've even secured spots among the top 10 new breweries globally and claimed Beer52's best newcomer title in 2020. With that kind of track record, you're sipping on excellence!

Full Circle Brew Co winning SIBA community engagement award at SIBA BeerX for the second year running 2023

7. Charity Support & Social Responsibility

Cheers to making a difference! We always try our best to go beyond crafting delicious beers. We're committed to social causes, partnering with various charities to make a meaningful impact. From fundraising for medical aid to supporting women's safety initiatives our dedication shines. Whether it's collaborating with organisations like Medial Aid Ukraine North East (pictured right), Women's Street Watch or raising funds for Lyme Disease UK and Dystonia UK, FCBC champions social responsibility.

Full Circle Brew Co pictured with volunteers from Ukraine Medial Aid North East

Elevate Your Holiday Gifting Experience with Full Circle Brew Co!

Crafting the perfect holiday moments involves more than just decorations and festive tunes; it's about sharing joy, creating memories, and delighting your loved ones. Full Circle Brew Co isn't just a craft beer brewery; they're the secret ingredient to your Christmas magic.


From personalised messages on your gifts to the thrill of discovering the Golden Dooper, shopping at Full Circle Brew Co adds an extra sparkle to your holiday season. Their commitment to community, award-winning brews, and charitable initiatives make every purchase meaningful.


So, why settle for ordinary gifts when you can gift unique experiences in a bottle? Elevate your holiday gifting game with Full Circle Brew Co's exceptional craft beer gifts. Spread cheer, support a local gem, and sip on the flavours of excellence this Christmas. Here's to raising a glass to unforgettable moments and making this festive season truly special!