BBQ and Brews: Craft Beers for Grilling and Euro 2024 Fun

Alright, we're smack in the middle of summer, and you know what that means - garden BBQs and the epic UEFA Euro 2024 championship! Whether you're a grill master or a football fanatic, there's no better way to soak up the summer than with an ice-cold craft beer in your hand. In this post, we'll hook you up with the perfect craft beer for your BBQ hangs and viewing parties, so your July is filled with tasty drinks and good times. Let's get into it!

Craft Beers for BBQ Bliss

Picking the right craft beer can seriously level up your grilling game. Here are some top notch choices that will pair like a dream with your BBQ favourites whether its a steak, burger or veggie skewer:

Hoppy Pale Ales: Pale ales are a fundamental part of craft beer as well as being BBQ staples, especially the really hoppy ones. Their zesty, citrusy flavours cut right through rich meats, making them a killer match for ribs, burgers, and steaks. Go for the ones with a punchy hop profile and notes of grapefruit or pine to keep your tastebuds tingling. We would recommend Rotator Hazy Pale by Full Circle Brew Co!

Amber Ales: You can't go wrong with an amber ale at a BBQ. They've got that nice balance of malty goodness and hop bitterness, so they're stupid versatile. Their caramel, toasty backbone complements everything from grilled chicken to veggie skewers. Plus, the moderate bitterness won't bulldoze your food flavours.

Smoked Beers: Want to really amp up the BBQ vibes? Try a smoked craft beer. These babies are infused with legit smoky flavours that intensify the char and smokiness of your grilled goodies. Pair one with sausages, brisket, or even smoked salmon, and your tastebuds will be doing backflips. The depth and complexity of these brews will have your guests coming back for refills.

Full Circle Brew Co craft beer garden terrace outside on a sunny day with blue skies craft beer

Our ultimate summer craft beers:

Summer Sippers to Beat the Heat

When the temps start climbing, you will definitely want a refreshing craft beer that'll keep you cool. Here are some summer ready options to help you stay as chilled as your beer:

Fruit-Infused Sours: A growing phenomenon in the craft beer world, go for fruit-infused sours. You get the refreshing beer factor plus juicy fruit flavours in one tasty package. We're talking raspberry, mango, cherry - you name it. Not only delicious but super thirst-quenching too, making them ideal for steamy July days.

Lagers: You can never really go wrong with a classic lager when summer hits. They're crisp, clean, and stupid easy to drink. The mild flavours make them perfect for solo sipping or pairing with food. Fire up the grill for some dogs or just vibe in the sun - a cold lager is always the move. Our favourite is Meridian Pilsner!

Wheat Beers: Wheats are classics for hot weather drinking since they're so light and refreshing. With their subtle citrus and coriander notes, they provide a zesty little kick that's perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Crack open a cold one while lounging in the backyard or poolside, and let that crisp finish keep you feeling breezy all day.

Full Circle Brew Co Session IPA Craft Beer

Brews For Euro 2024 Game Days

The Euro 2024 hype is the ultimate excuse to rally your crew for some viewing parties. To make game days even better, make sure you stock up on these brews that are A+ for cheering on your squad:

Session IPAs: For a full day of football, session IPAs are your craft beer BFF. They're lower in alcohol but still blast you with that tasty hop flavour, so you can have a few without getting too wobbly. Look for ones with vibrant citrus and tropical notes to keep things light and refreshing while you root for your team. We can't get enough of Repeater Session IPA!

Pilsners: Light, crisp and so easily crushable - pilsners tick all the boxes for game day drinking. That subtle hop bitterness and clean finish makes them perfect for sipping all throughout the match. They are so versatile, they will pair with any snacks and munchies from nachos to wings.

Full Circle Brew Co taproom Newcastle football champions league final craft beer tap room

Party Planning 101

Now that you know which craft beer to stock, let's talk about hosting the ultimate BBQ or game day bash where your friends will be begging you to plan the next one:

DIY Beer Station: Create your own craft beer station to showcase your selection. Fill up a cooler or tub with ice and load it with a mix of craft beers. Add tasting notes and food pairing suggestions to help your guests make the best picks. This interactive setup will keep everything ice cold while adding a fun, educational twist.

Stay Chill: Keeping those beers properly chilled is key for those long summer nights. Make sure you've got plenty of backup ice on deck, and use insulated growlers for any draft options. If you're partying outside, set up a shaded area to keep your beer zone cool and prevent your guests from wilting in the heat.

Halftime Craft Beer Tasting: For an interactive element, host a casual beer tasting while the games are on halftime. Pass out tasting glasses and let guests sample and compare different styles. Have them vote on faves and discuss flavours they're digging most. It'll keep the energy going while giving everyone a craft beer education.

Full Circle Brew Co craft beer cans chilling in an ice bucket on a hot summers sunny day

So there you have it - your blueprint for an epically good time this summer! Get those grills roaring, the craft beer cans on ice and immerse yourself in all the summer fun. Don't forget to take our advice and get a plan in place to ensure you are as prepared as possible this July!

Don't forget, our Fridge Filler Pack is stocked with all the summer-ready craft beers you need to make this season unforgettable. Buy now and let's get this July party started right!

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