IWD Collab 'We Are Here' Launch Event

IWD Collab 'We Are Here' Launch Event

Our second International Women's Day Collab, and after brewing virtually last year, it was very exciting to invite an amazing group of women to the brewery on the 8th of March to brew this amazing beer.

Over 25 women were part of the collaboration process, with many attending the brew day. The group comprised of brewers, brewery owners, beer writers, professors, bartenders and just all-around craft beer enthusiasts.
Release Pack
Pre-Order a 6-can release pack. Limited edition We Are Here t-shirts are available here
We Are Here Launch Event at the Taproom
Join us at the taproom on Thursday the 14th of April as we launch 'We Are Here' and host some great talks in The Tank Room.
Speakers Include:
  • Brian - Course Manager, Brewlab
  • Alison - Lab Manager, Brewlab. Sensory evaluation of the beer
  • Red - Head Brewer & Co-Owner, First & Last Brewery, graduate of Brewlab

For further information and discussion, see our Facebook Launch Event

The Name

The beer named "We Are Here" follows the 2022 International Women's Day theme: #BreaktheBias. Part of the proceeds from the beer will be donated to The Pink Boots Society, alongside our own initiatives in partnership with Brewlab  which both aim to encourage and inspire women through Educational opportunities. 

Our aim for the release, along with donations and our launch event, will hopefully help break the biases and stereotypes that continue to surround women within the craft beer industry.
The Design
The artist is our incredibly talented Taproom Supervisor, Eddie. When asked to design the label, Eddie's initial thoughts on the design followed the theme and beer name.
"Leading, emerging, unapologetic presence. Together...We are here to brew a wonderful beer, in an industry overwhelmed by male leadership, and we are here to do it together."
Shortly after Eddie took on the role of designing the label, a medical scare sent Eddie to the hospital, and coupled with having Covid-19 this meant a week of isolation, however, it is also where comfort and the inspiration for the label came to life. 
"I remembered these strange trees: Ward 4, Room 9. And I remembered those numbers. It dawned on me that I had been here before. The same room, but in the wrong seat. I had been here eight years ago, watching my dad fight for the life he loved more than anything. I had been here, together, with him.
I sketched them, the trees, in the back of my magazine, and started to draw a female figure emerging from the ground - growing like these trees had been doing for so long - uninterrupted.
We are here. Spirited, rooted, and bursting with the light of life. Together."

To read the full story, and a deep-dive into what inspired the label, please check out Eddie's full blog post on her inspiration for the label.
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