The Newcastle Taproom Is Now Open For Business...

The Newcastle Taproom Is Now Open For Business...

Full Circle Brew Co Taproom Time

Rain or shine, you now have a choice between our brand new dog-friendly beer garden and our Newcastle based indoor bar.

Having been unable to welcome you all indoors since last year, now summer is in full flow we can now serve you ice cold drinks inside our Hoults Yard Taproom.

Offering up to 20 different keg and cask drinks on tap, a vast selection of bottled beers and ciders, as well as an array of spirits, wines and cocktails. It’s not just fantastic craft beers that make up our extensive drinks menu.

A full pint of fresh Full Circle Brew Co Lager, sat on a Taproom Bar Top on a serving tray alongside an Espresso Martini served in a small cocktail glass.

No two trips to our Hoults Yard Taproom will be the same. We pride ourselves on constantly evolving our range of great beers. So whether it’s been a year, a month or maybe even a week, ask one of our friendly bar staff what new products are behind our bar & on the food menu.

A short walk from Newcastle's city centre and quayside, the Full Circle taproom makes a great start or end to any day out in Newcastle. Our new beer garden is a great spot to enjoy a crisp pint on a sunny day. Or get a glimpse at the brewing process by grabbing a table in our large Newcastle-based Taproom with the wall of windows displaying the sheer scale of the Full Circle Brew Co operation to bring you the beers that you know and love. 

Get Your Pizza Fix At Our Newcastle Taproom...

Stefano Makes Himself At Home In Full Circle Brew Co's Taproom

If award winning pizza is up your alley you’ll be happy to know that head chef Stef is a permanent member of the Full Circle Brew Co staff. Fitting a bespoke pizza oven in our taproom has meant you can grab a fresh woodfire Naples inspired pizza alongside a pint of your favourite brew from Full Circle Brew Co.

Pizza with pepperoni on top that is served within the full circle brew co Newcastle based tap room in Hoults Yard, Newcastle city centre. Similar to a pub they are about to be served alongside a pint.

With our own dedicated expert chef, Stefano, he's ready to whip up an exciting ever-changing menu that combines classic Italian flavours to partner all kinds of brews.

Vegetarian, pepperoni laden or as cheesy as they come, whatever drink you're sampling fresh from our Taproom, we have the perfect pizza to match.

A Pair of Fresh Boisterous Brews 

Mixed Emotions - IPA - 6.6%

A colourful concoction of stone fruits. Think fresh peaches, juicy mango and smooth nectarines bringing this new Indian Pale Ale to life. Satisfaction, happiness and contentment are just a few of the emotions this soft bodied, well-balanced brew will bring you.

Cans of Mixed Emotions, one of the latest productions from the Full Circle Brew Co

With graphics from the talented Brucey Art, the colourful cans will be available at

Do You Remember - West Coast Pale - 5.5%

Enjoy this fresh West Coast Pale on the 21st of September, and  any other day you fancy for that matter.

This West Coast Pale brings you plentiful aromas of lemon, orange, and pineapple before you delve in for resinous and earthy hits. Finishing with a refreshing kick of bitterness will leave an aftertaste you want more of. 

Cans of Do You Remember, one of the latest brews by Full Circle Brew Co.

Graphics courtesy of the talented Harry Wilson-Shield, see more of his work and portfolio at  

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