Two Smashing Collabs

Two Smashing Collabs

Our latest two releases feature our latest collaborations! We've missed out in the past two years of meeting people and breweries, so we've hit the ground running in 2022 with pretty much all of our specials featuring collaborations. 

Vanta, 6.6% Black IPA 
Collaboration with Vocation & Barth Haas

We have always been big fans of Vocation, and we met the team at various festivals during 2021, and when the opportunity to get together for a collab presented itself, we jumped on it! Our brewers have wanted to do a Black IPA since day 1, and they've finally had their chance! A style that deserves more recognition, don't be afraid of this if you're an IPA lover. The addition of Carafa 3 gives the beer a very light roast flavour (and dark colour) to balance the hoppy characteristics of an IPA. We brewed this with Mosaic and Citra hops 4 ways - T90, Incognito, BBC and Lupomax. 

Inside a Dream, 4.9% New England Pale
Collaboration with Loch Lomond Brewery

The return collab with Loch Lomond brewery and both of us think Cashmere is one of the most under-utilised hops so we've made it the star here and paired it with sabro. Super soft and juicy. Expect punchy notes of citrus and melon with a herbal bouquet on the nose.

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