Booking Confirmed

Thank You! Your Booking is Now Confirmed.

You will receive an email shortly with all the details of your booking at the Taproom. 

If you need to change the details of your booking at any time, or cancel your reservation, please contact us.

When you arrive at the taproom please wear a face mask if you are able to as you move around the building. Please also adhere to any other guidance or regulations in place to help keep all our visitors and staff safe and healthy.

Getting To The Taproom

If you drive to Hoult's Yard please enter via the one-way system off Walker Road. There's plenty of parking and the first hour is free, but if you plan to stay longer than that please make sure you pay for your parking using pay by phone or the payment machines in the carpark. Parking is controlled by Parking Eye and we cannot take any responsibility for failure to pay the required fees.

The nearest Metro station is Byker and there are plenty of local bus routes that will get you within a few hundred metres of the taproom.