What To Expect On A Brewery Tour

Unlocking the Secrets of Craft Brewing: A Journey Through Full Circle Brew Co


Welcome, beer enthusiasts, to the heart and soul of Full Circle Brew Co, where every drop tells a story and every sip embodies craftsmanship. Our brewery tours offer a backstage pass to the secrets behind our exceptional brews, an experience that tantalises the taste buds and fuels curiosity.

Delve into the captivating world of craft brewing with our immersive brewery tours in Newcastle upon Tyne. Step behind the scenes to witness the artistry and science behind our exceptional beers. Join us on a journey through our acclaimed 30hL brewhouse, savour handcrafted flights, and unlock the secrets that make our brews truly extraordinary.

A Full Circle Brewery Tour

Embracing The Brew Culture

Step into our world, where stainless steel vats and the aroma of hops intermingle in a symphony of creation. Our brewery is not just a place where beer is made; it’s a canvas where innovation meets tradition.

Here, craftsmanship thrives, where every step in the brewing process is a nod to artistry and precision. It's a place where curiosity is encouraged, where the story behind each beer is as important as the flavour it carries. Join us in embracing this vibrant brew culture, where every pint poured is a testament to our dedication and love for the craft.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour Brewhouse

The Journey Begins: Exploring Our 30hL Brewhouse

Crafted by one of the UK’s finest vessel manufacturers, our 30hL brewhouse is the beating heart of our operations. Here, we transform humble ingredients into liquid gold, navigating the delicate balance of time, temperature, and technique.


Embark on a fascinating journey as we unveil the inner workings of our 30hL brewhouse, a marvel crafted by SSV Limited, renowned for excellence in vessel manufacturing. This isn't merely a glimpse behind the scenes—it's an immersion into the beating heart of our brewery. Witness the orchestration of ingredients, time, and temperature as they converge to create liquid art. From mashing to fermenting and beyond, explore the intricate dance of machinery and mastery that transforms simple grains into the elixir of Full Circle Brew Co. Get up close and personal with the equipment, feel the heat, smell the grains, and witness the magic unfold before your eyes—a truly awe-inspiring experience for any beer aficionado.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour 30hL SSV Brewhouse

Beyond the Numbers: Capacity and Creativity

With a capacity of over 500hL, our brewery isn’t just about volume—it’s about the endless possibilities it offers. From classic favourites to daring experiments, we embrace the spirit of innovation. 


With this impressive capability, we don't just brew beer; we craft experiences. It's a space where tradition intertwines with experimentation, allowing us to push the boundaries of flavour. From our classic favourites that pay homage to brewing heritage to our daring experiments that challenge conventions, every drop that leaves our taps is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence.


And let's not forget our barrel ageing project, Call Of Quercus —a testament to our commitment to complexity and depth in taste. That’s where the magic of time and wood intertwines, lending unique flavours to our creations.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour Brewing Capacity

Where Grains Meet Precision: On-Site Grain Milling

Ever wondered what makes our brews stand out? It begins with the grains. At Full Circle, we take pride in milling all our grains on-site, ensuring freshness and control over every aspect of the process. It’s this attention to detail that elevates the quality of our beers.


Our commitment to excellence begins with the very grains we use in our brewing process.  This isn't just about freshness—it's about absolute control over the quality and character of our brews. As the grains are transformed from raw kernels to finely milled malt, the air fills with the earthy, aromatic essence that lays the foundation for our exceptional beers. This hands-on approach allows us to tailor every batch, ensuring that each beer carries the distinct mark of Full Circle Brew Co's dedication to flavour, purity, and craft. Join us in this vital step of the brewing journey and discover how attention to detail from the very start sets the stage for the exceptional taste that defines our brews.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour On Sire Grain Milling Malt Malted Barley

Your Curiosity, Our Pleasure: Open Q&A Sessions

Throughout the tour, we encourage our guests to immerse themselves in the experience fully. Ask us anything! Our team, brimming with passion and expertise, welcomes your queries. Whether it’s about the brewing process, our favourite hops, or the story behind our flagship brews, we're here to share our knowledge. 


Cultivate your curiosity as we invite you to engage in lively Q&A sessions during our brewery tours. From the intricacies of our 30hL brewhouse to the nuances of barrel ageing, our team stands ready to field your inquiries. Dive into discussions about the brewing process, ingredient selection, or the magic behind our signature flavours. There are no boundaries—ask away and let our passionate experts illuminate the fascinating world of craft brewing.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour Live Q&A With Our Team

A Taste of Full Circle: The Flight Experience

And finally, the crescendo of your journey—indulging in a flight of our beers. Three one-third pints, meticulously selected to showcase our diverse range, await you. Sip, savour, and let the flavours dance on your palate, each brew a testament to our dedication and love for the craft.

Full Circle Brew Co Newcastle upon Tyne Craft Beer Micro Brewery Tour Flight Of 3 Beers

Join the Full Circle Experience

As your tour concludes, we hope you depart with not just a flight of beers but a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship woven into every beer we produce. Join us on this voyage of flavour, discovery, and camaraderie, and become a part of the Full Circle Brew Co family.


Ready to embark on this immersive journey through the art of brewing? Book your brewery tour today and get ready to explore the captivating world of Full Circle Brew Co.


Embark on a flavourful odyssey through the art of brewing with Full Circle Brew Co. Our brewery tours offer more than just a taste; they immerse you in our passion for craft beer. As your journey concludes, carry with you not just a flight of beers but a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that fills every bottle. Join our family and become a part of the Full Circle experience – where great beer meets unforgettable moments.


Cheers to great beer and unforgettable experiences!

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